• Affordable

    We believe sound money management information should be affordable for everyone. Our course is only $9.75 per individual or $14.95 per couple.

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  • Real Stories

    Incorporated into our classes are stories of real people who have experienced financial difficulties and overcome them.

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  • Encourages Growth

    Our classes are relevant to where you are now and encourage you to move forward toward where you want to be financially.

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  • Convenient

    Online classes can be completed any time of day to best fit your schedule.

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  • Designed for you

    We didn’t take a money management course written and prepared for another audience and rework it. Our course was designed with you in mind: your experiences, your struggles, and your hopes and dreams for becoming debt free and financially secure.

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One of the greatest gifts we can ever receive...
is the opportunity for a second chance.

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S.G., New City, NY