Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this course provide the certificate I need before my bankruptcy can be filed?

A: This course satisfies the second certificate requirement, after you file and have received a case number and before you can receive a discharge. We do not offer the pre-filing credit counseling course.

Q: How much time should I allow to take this course?

A: The law requires it to be a two hour course so allow at least that much time to complete it. The speed of your internet connection will partly determine how long it takes. If you start the course, but do not have time to finish, you can return to our home page, click on the Client Login button in the upper right hand corner and enter your Username and PIN to return to the screen you last completed.

Q: Are telephone classes available?

A: Yes, please contact us at 888-533-3423 to register for a telephone class. You will be mailed a course materials once you register and pay for the class, upon receiving the paperwork, we ask that you review it before contacting us back to speak to a counselor.  Please call us to register or with any more questions regarding the telephone class.

Q: Do I have to take a quiz at the end of this class?

A: Quiz questions are scattered throughout the course to help you remember important points. You can use the Back button to review the previous slides before answering the question. Everything you will be quizzed about is in this course - take your time and get the most out of it!

Q: How long will it take to receive a certificate of completion?

A: After you complete the course, we will create and send a copy of your certificate to you and your attorney. Certificates are issued during business hours (9:00a – 5:00p CST Mon-Fri). If you finish the course outside our business hours, your certificate will go out the next business morning. If you would like, we can file your certificate at the court for you. Please inquire at if you require assistance filing your certificate with the court.

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