These resources provide good information you (or your friends and family) can use now. Almost everything we do has a financial impact. Always keep your eyes and ears open for information and ideas that can make a positive difference in your finances.

Course Evaluation Form

We ask, if you so desire, to provide us with feedback about our classes by printing, completing and returning to us a copy of the Student Evaluation Form, but please be aware that the policy of the A+ Class is to issue a certificate to any debtor student who completes the instructional course as designed, whether or not that debtor student completes an evaluation form.

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Insurance Information & TX Fair Plan

The Texas Fair Plan is an association that helps Texas homeowners whose insurance is cancelled because of a low credit score. This document gives you the contact information and other Texas related insurance resources.

Download Insurance Information & TX Fair Plan PDF 

Fair & Unfair Debt Collection Practices

Know your rights in regard to debt collection. Protect yourself. Read these points from the Fair Debt Collection Act, outlined by the Federal Trade Commission, to understand what debt collectors can and cannot do.

Download Fair & Unfair Debt Collection Practices PDF

Government Agencies and Publications

Some of our tax money goes to government agencies we can turn to when we need help. After the mortgage crises a few years ago, we learned there was no government oversight of the mortgage industry. Millions of consumers lost money, even their homes. As a result of this financial crises, Congress created the Consumer Protect Bureau. It joined a number of other government agencies that provide protection and assistance to individuals and families. Make yourself aware of the services and information they offer.

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