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We respect hardworking bankruptcy attorneys and know your profit margin is slim. We’re here to help your clients get the financial management certificate they need without your assistant spending precious time making it happen.

We email or fax certificates to you as soon as your client completes the course – your assistant doesn’t have to go out looking for them or checking their progress. We’ll check their progress if you give your clients and us a deadline.

If you want to cover the cost and be reimbursed by your clients we can give you a code they can use when registering. We will bill you at the end of each month.

We’re a small firm that believes in providing a quality service at an extremely affordable price.

We’ve sympathized with people who chose a law firm with a high advertising budget and got lost in the process. You and each of your clients are important to us. Each has a story and experiences we can respect. We help your clients look forward to the things they can do in the future to put them back on a sound financial footing.

Contact us today to allow us to support you and your clients.

One of the greatest gifts we can ever receive...
is the opportunity for a second chance.

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Wish I would have known this information earlier in life.

S.G., New City, NY