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Harry and Rosemarie were doing OK financially, both were working, but Rosemarie had too many credit cards. Their mortgage company started encouraging them to refinance their home and cash out the equity; she knew the money would help her pay off her cards. At the time they could afford the higher mortgage payment, but their income decreased and one of their autos was repossessed. They filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to protect their home and get out of debt. Over the next 60 months in the plan, Rosemarie credited Harry’s discipline in managing their money with changing their spending patterns. They ate at home more, did not drive the car unless it was necessary, and bought only clothes they needed. After their last plan payment was made, they obtained a secured credit card, charged their Christmas purchases, and paid them all off in January instead taking a year to do it. Living without credit for 5 years taught them they could live on what they made. They determined never to be in debt again, except for their mortgage.


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